Graphics Design and Branding Design and Development


First impressions count for everything. Code Imagination Studio's branding service is all about crafting a memorable identity which captivates your target audience.
Collateral Design Code Imagination Studio will develop designs for representative applications, demonstrating the use of the identity. A final list will be agreed upon with the client. Potential applications include:
Stationery: letterhead, envelope, business cards, note pad, ID Cards, folder, CD and CD Jacket Email newsletter template Desktop wallpaper

Code Imagination Studio's branding and creative design services include:

Brand Strategy
Logo/Brand Identity Design
Business Collateral/Stationery Design
Brand Guidelines Development
Graphic Design (Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, etc.)
Print Design
Product Design

Logo Development

Once a single direction is chosen, Code Imagination Studio will move into design development. In this phase, we will:
Establish color, typography, and supporting graphic elements.
Conduct a review with the client to discuss revisions and feedback.
Present final design to the client for approval.
Create digital files for the logo in preparation of final production.

Brand Guidelines Development

Code Imagination Studio will document the graphic identity in a 5-25 page Design Guidelines document that establishes the rules and usage of the graphic identity, including scale, composition, supporting typography, palette, recommendations on applications, and reproduction guidelines. This document will serve as a guide for in-house and external designers working on behalf of the client. In this phase, Code Imagination Studio will:
Document the graphic identity in a set of guidelines. ,br
Submit the guidelines to the client for review and revision.
Submit final guidelines package in pdf format.

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Analysis And Research

Code Imagination Studio will complete a phase of analysis and research in which we will conduct interviews and review materials to create a basis for work moving forward.
In this phase, Code Imagination Studio will:
Confirm project process and schedule.
Review existing materials, ranging from the website to publications, as well as materials of other global businesses.
Conduct a meeting with the client to understand the objectives of the company, and the goals of the graphic identity project. We will facilitate a discussion around the company tagline to determine the internal interest in renaming either or both.
Create a brief that summarizes findings in the form of a narrative.
Present a findings summary in preparation for work.
Amend brief as indicated by the client and determine the entire scope of the project.

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Some of our Designs and Brandings